Christian Popcorn

Finally an indulgence you can buy!

Why choose to fundraise with Steubenville Popcorn Company? 

    1. American Made!
    2. Priced competitively - our fundraising products are priced to sell and maximize revenue for your program
    3. 50% profit retention
    4. Quality assurance
    5. By Christians, For Christians - unlike most commercial fundraising companies, we have your organization’s mission at heart.


8 Religious Flavors 

Because we are a Christian company, we believe evangelizing and educating about the Faith are very important. That’s why this line of flavors is named after Christian references or saints and includes a handful of information about each one.
Who knew religion could taste so good?!
St. Brigid's Brew
(Cheddar Pretzel Ale)
Let the Fire Fall
Mt. Carmel Caramel
Pilgrimage Snacks
(Kettle Corn)
Dominican Delight
(White Cheddar)
St. Patrick's Popcorn
(Caramel Apple)
Iconic Cheddar
(Cheddar Cheese)
Cathedral Style
(Caramel Cheddar)



Let’s get poppin’!


1. Schedule

  • Decide on the start and end dates for your campaign.
  • Ideally schedule a total of five weeks: three weeks for selling and two weeks for delivery/ distribution.

2. Apply

  • Submit your completed Fundraising Application. Download Here or Apply Online.
  • Once your fundraiser has been approved, you will receive fundraiser forms and further instruction to begin a successful campaign!
  • Take note of the “Fundraising Special”* offered on the order forms. We’ll need to establish your customized flavors before you start selling!

3. Sell

  • Make copies of the Fundraising Order Form for each of the fundraiser volunteers.
  • Having volunteers take orders and collect money from family, friends, and coworkers is a great way to spread the word about your unique group, school, or event!
  • The Order Forms will help volunteers keep track of who ordered what flavors and how much. Please note, checks should be made out to your organization, not the Steubenville Popcorn Company.

4. Order

  • When the sales period is over, collect the Order Forms and money from your sellers.
  • Tally the items sold from the individual Order Forms and submit a single Master Order Form to Steubenville Popcorn Company along with your payment of 50% of the total product you’ve sold.  Make checks payable to Nelson's of Steubenville.
  • We will confirm your order and it will be ready to pick-up or ship within two weeks of processing your payment.

5. Distribute

  • When your popcorn order arrives, gather your team to separate individual orders
  • Distribute the orders to your sellers and encourage them to deliver their orders as soon as possible.
  • Remember to thank your campaign supporters!


*Customize Your Fundraiser

Each fundraiser is allowed one “fundraising special.”
This is your opportunity to sell popcorn that is as unique as your organization!
Pick one of our preset specials or choose up to 3 different colors and flavors for a truly spectacular combination!
We’ll also personalize the packaging for this type of popcorn - your own popcorn name, image/logo, and message for the back panel.
And the best’s free of charge!**

**minimum order of 12 bags required