Crocetti Crunch

Crocetti Crunch (Caramel)

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Caramel - Dean Martin Mural - Crocetti Crunch

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Dean Martin was born Dino Paul Crocetti on June 7, 1917 in Steubenville, OH. After dropping out of highschool in the 10th grade, Dean delivered liquor, served as a speakeasy croupier, was a blackjack dealer, worked in the steel mill, and was a soldier stationed in Akron, Ohio during World War II. His stage name became Dean Martin, and for over 50 years he sang and acted across the country. He died on December 25, 1995.
Steubenville is proud to call him a son.

Ingredients: Popcorn, brown sugar (sugar, cane molasses), butter (milk, salt), pure coconut oil, water, corn syrup solids, molasses, soy lecithin, cream of tartar

Contains: Milk, Coconut, Soy

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Crocetti Crunch (Caramel)